Welcome to 100 Step Dungeon!

100 Step Dungeon is a simple game where you are inside a dungeon and can only do 100 actions. What is an action? An action can be move the player a tile or interact with an object. If an enemy attacks you, you will lose some actions. If you run out of them you return to the main screen.

Source code: https://github.com/EdSwordsmith/100StepDungeon



  • DwarfyAssassin
  • EdSwordsmith



100 Step Dungeon Mac.zip 2 MB
100 Step Dungeon Windows.zip 2 MB
100 Step Dungeon Linux.zip 2 MB


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Nice game.  I like the look of it.  I had more actions then I really needed, maybe if you add to this you can make some larger/more complicated levels.


More levels are planned to be added when we have the time.


Nice interpretation of the theme. I enjoyed it!

Would be awesome if you could upload html5 version of the game!

Has been done by Ed. Thanks for the suggestion!

Really solid visuals, though the UI didn't seem to match up very well with it.

It was hard to tell if the buttons not always staying pressed was a feature or a bug.

Pathfinding seems to work pretty well, but there's not a lot of obstacles you can actually hide behind. I think I also managed to completely halt the enemies somehow.

Thanks for you feedback.

The UI was a temporary UI and it has been improved so it fits the game better. I am still not entirely pleased with it but it will do for now.

The buttons can be turned off and on but it's hard to tell when you interact with them. This will be easier to know once we add some sound effects.

The pathfinding bug has been fixed.